Hard Rain plays BOB DYLAN

It started out as a party: a bunch of musicians getting together for a night of guilty pleasures, in this case the music of Bob Dylan.

But the party never ended – so they decided to keep on playing Dylan's material on a regular basis, and Hard Rain was born! A band with a place of its own and a solid fan base on the local music scene.

Their main focus is on Dylan’s electric work from the 1960s and 1970s, but they also play earlier and more recent Dylan numbers that other artists have made into hits. They don’t think of Dylan as a prophet or a guru, and a Hard Rain performance isn’t a tribute or an act of worship – it’s still a party.

‘One fan was kind enough to call Hard Rain “Dylan the way Dylan was meant to sound” – but far be it from us to say anything like that.’

Hard Rain are:

Rob Kuitenbrouwer, vocals and guitar
Hans Jacobs, guitar and vocals
Harry Hardholt, guitar and vocals
Pierre van Hal, drums and vocals
Ger Hoeijmakers, bass and vocals

Contact: info@hardrain.nl
Rob Kuitenbrouwer (+31) (0)6-44242482